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Mission Statement

Two Rivers Architects is a full service architectural firm providing facilities that are of a human scale with a real sense of place. Each and every project is unique. 

We strive to bring out the uniqueness and personality for your project and make it work for you and your needs. 

We also believe that we need to live in agreement with nature. Environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and low maintenance buildings are integral parts of our practice. Two Rivers Architects wants to exceed your expectations and also create buildings that are less taxing on the environment, which in turn saves you money throughout the life of the building. 

Our focus is on meeting all of your program requirements and exceeding all of your expectations.

We do this through open, honest and continual communication throughout the planning, design and the building process. We want to be there after the project is completed to assist in any future need that you might have. Two Rivers Architects wants to be a conduit to your ideas and will do so with good teamwork and open communication. We enjoy making dreams come true through architecture and look forward to serving all of your architectural needs.

Larry W​ashington

Company Profile

Two Rivers Architects is a Commercial and Residential Architect.  We provide creative design and planning solutions that are unique to each individual project big or small.  Our expertise and passion is architecture and offer the full range of services that will take your project from programming to final completion. We want to make all projects energy efficient to reduce your operating costs and also reduce the impact on our natural resources.

Larry Washington, founder and principal of Two Rivers Architects, has been designing award winning buildings and projects in Northern California for over twenty years. Our most recent projects include: schools, office buildings, multipurpose rooms, swimming pool complexes, theatres, church facilities, and more.


The focus of Two Rivers Architects is:

​1. Meet the needs and requirements of each client,​

2. Bring out the unique characteristics of each project

3. Plan and design projects that are environmentally responsible

4. Reduce life cycle costs of your project

5. Provide aesthetically excellent projects which function beautifully and meet the   needs of the people who work there.

Two Rivers Architects is a Full Service Architectural Firm which includes:

1. Master Planning Consultation; coordination of programming, planning and design

2. Placing buildings on a site, including site selection

3. Be a liaison to D.S.A., O.P.S.C., C.D.E., City and County officials

4. Modernization of existing buildings

5. Interior remodel and space planning​

6. Two Rivers Architects will provide creative, unique, and responsible solutions for your projects.

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